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Storyline is a very important part of every good game, let me show you the intro speech of the Underground 3 game...

"Life is hard, that is what most people will tell you. I realized that life is a bitch. I remember that when I moved to the US, I was jealous of all the kids that had a normal family. My family on the other hand was ripped apart. I left behind all the people I loved and moved to a place that was unknown to me. Life is really different in the States. I felt like I was in a continuous jetlag, I felt like a legal alien. It took me 2 months to settle down, make new friends - friends that you wouldn't really call them positive-role models. I was 14 when I had my first drink, I think it was the day I learned that my father had died. But that is hardly a valid excuse. After 6 years of psychical pain and suffering I came to conclusion that I would end up dead, perhaps choke with my own drool, or suicide if I didn't change my life. I had to start over. That is why I bought a plane ticket to Prague. I decided to go back home - my true home - where I belonged. Perhaps, there I could find something to do, something that would bring back a meaning to my life. And I must find it. After years of idleness, I finally need to find what I am destined to do. I have to continue my family's legacy and learn the truth about his death. I have to conquer the streets again, bring my father's crew back to life. I remember that local druglord, I'm pretty sure he's responsible for that, thinks nobody can stop him. Well guess what pal, I'm not goin' down without a fight. I will race till the end of the line, till one of us leaves this city forever."

*story is not based on real events and is not related to life of any memeber of UG3 development team*

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last updated: 22.12.2014