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Gameplay is the crucial aspect of games, without it, no matter how cool the game looks, people won't enjoy playing it.

When I decided to start with Underground 3 project, I wanted to get good arcade racing back. Most current games are primarily made for consoles and the game controls and overall car handling is not then adjusted well enough for PC versions.

Great games which influence Underground 3 are:

NFS: Underground, NFS: Underground 2, NFS: Most Wanted, NFS: Carbon, NFS: ProStreet, Midnight Club 2, FlatOut 2, Split Second, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Trackmania Sunrise, Test Drive Unlimited, GTA: San Andreas, APB: Reloaded, Street Racing Syndicate, Midnight Racing

So you may expect anything of those games and I hope you'll be positively surprised by the overall mixture result :)

Key features of the game:

very sophisticated car customization system (it's possible to actually import own vinyls and own car parts and even whole cars) offering precious performance customization to suit everyone's needs, controller habits and reaction speed, including camera settings

open world map without any invisible borders; featuring complex town with hills, river, and much more (architecture similar to Prague)

complex race rewards system, where player can "bet" with other racers and therefore earn money even if doesn't finish first

dynamic free roam events (race with others driving on the map, choose start/checkpoints/finish..)

24-hour dynamic daynight system (in sandbox mode player can choose exact hour and minute to start the race)

24-hour dynamic game world (different traffic lights intervals, traffic jam at certain hours, cop density based on daytime..)

Sim-based player's "garage" to unlock more advanced customization possibilities

balanced graphics and good optimization for mid-end PCs such as recent Integrated Intel HD series and AMD APU series

soft-body physics might be possible, so visual deformation is on the list as well

**info in this section is not final and will be further updated during progress**

tzzsmk design 2014

last updated: 22.12.2014