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Car list is a tricky part to manage, we want to bring the legends back and avoid overpriced for-real-driving-unsuitable exotic super cars. Car tuning is cool thing but keep in mind not every car is suitable for that and not every car takes tweaks as advantage. Luckily we got the ideas when watching Fast&Furious series, RedLine, Initial D...

Game will feature custom modding, therefore you'll be able to import and use own body parts, vinyls and even whole cars! If everything goes well we can have a huge community providing basically anything you can think of. Car performance scripts (including camera settings) will be possible to share across anyone and any car (after certain adjustments) and so no more frustration with uncomfortable handling and odd vehicle behavior!

With that said above, we take no copyright responsibility for any third-party content related to cars,

Tzzsmk's Underground 3 is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by any producer of any vehicles used in game.

**this section will be further updated during progress, modelling cars takes a lot time so don't expect 100 cars in a month**


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last updated: 22.12.2014